Oak Oiled Parquet


Oak (Quercus robur) is a whitewood tree of the oak tree of the Fagaceae family. It is a tree up to 40 m long (up to 50 m long) and the tree can reach a diameter of up to 3 m. It is a tree that can reach the age of 500 to 800 years. His crown is wide, irregular and well-branched.

His youth is smooth in his youth with light gray-greenish shine, and later he goes long-lasting. In the age it becomes thick (up to 10 cm), grayish and longitudinally deepened (up to 3-4 cm) and transversely with shallow grooves.
Oak lumber has a narrow yellowish bushy color, while the middle is light to dark brown. The average density of raw wood is about 0.65 (0.39 – 0.93) g / cm3. Oak is hard, tough, very durable and well treated. It is used for various purposes: as construction timber, for railways, beams and columns. In interior decoration, different types of parquets are made of it, stairs and furniture are made. High quality oak wood is used for making veneers and from it are made of very high quality and valued barrels.
Due to the high degree of elasticity and strength, oak is ideal for flooring exposed to high loads.
Behind the lively design, which overwhelms the warmth of color and content of the form, there are decades of growth hidden.

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